Prof. Godwin Iornenge AKPER

Prof. Godwin Iornenge AKPER

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Dean, Faculty of Arts; Acting Director, Examinations & Assessment.

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+234 (0) 703 509 8054

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Godwin Iornenge AKPER was born to Daniel and Rebeca Akper in Makurdi, Benue State on 19th day of July, 1969. He is currently Dean, Faculty of Arts, Acting Director, Examinations and Assessments; Professor of Christian Religious Studies (specialized in African Christian Studies –Systematic Theology) in the Department of Religious Studies, National Open University of Nigeria, Plot 91 Cadastral Zone, University Village, Nnamdi Azikiwe Express Way, Jabi, Abuja – Nigeria. Godwin is married to Eunice (Nee Avungu).





  • Dean, Faculty of Arts; Acting Director, Examinations & Assessment.




African Christian Studies with special emphasis on the relationship between (Christian) faith and public life experiences of people on the margins of society. Specific themes are: Poverty and human dignity, ethnicity in Nigeria and the theory of the global citizen. Other areas are: Church, Mosque and the State; Partisan politics and Christian life, Normativity and the hermeneutic of suspicion, A Christian Ethics of responsibility/Hospitality, Moral formation & Public Morality.





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Peer Reviewer, National Research Foundation, Republic of South Africa, Member, Society of Christian Ethics, USA; Global Network of Public Theologians; Member, New Testament Society of South Africa, Member, Theological Society of South Africa. External Examiner to many Universities, Member editiorial boards of a number of Journals.